How to Unlock the Sickle Melee Weapon in COD Mobile Season 4

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 is going live among various other Battle Royale games and is consistently introducing many new seasonal challenges for its COD Season 4 game. Especially, Razon Sharp event has become a prime attraction among COD Mobile game lovers. Accordingly, the event is offering a special Sickle Melee Weapon, which has brought tons of excitement among COD Mobile fans.

Sickle Melee Weapon Call of Duty

Sickle Melee Weapon in Call of Duty

The Sickle is an essential part of various rewards, which one can win by facing the Razor Sharp Challenge. The challenge will end on the last day of the COD Mobile Season 4. Sickle Melee Weapon is present on the Razor Sharp Challenge’s sixth level. According to this, players have to complete a total of six tasks to get the new Melee weapon.

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List of Challenges to Get Sickle Melee Weapon

Players have to complete the following challenges to unlock the weapon of Sickle Melee associated with the Razor Sharp Event Challenge.

  • One has to play 3 different MP matches.
  • You have to kill a total of 15 enemies in MP matches equipped with Dead Silence Perk.
  • One must kill 20 enemies equipped with Quick Fix Perk while playing an MP match.
  • You have to kill 5 enemies, which have Melee weapons.
  • Other than Warfare, you have to collect the medal of Melee Master once in total BR matches.
  • You have to kill the same player in different MP matches 3 times.
  • You have to obtain the ‘Relentless Medal’ at least one time in any of your MP matches.

Tips to Complete Various COD Mobile Tasks Mission

Players looking for the accomplishment of Perk-related missions must make amendments to their existing load-outs in different MP matches. Secondly, winning a Melee Master Medal is quite challenging and tricky for COD Mobile players. If you want to win the medal, you have to kill a total of four enemies with the help of Melee weapons. After you kill the enemies successfully by using any of your Sickle Melee weapon, you will easily complete the mission and unlock the upcoming challenge.