Garena Free Fire Rampage Legion Event – Win Spins & Free Rewards

Garena Free Fire Rampage Legion Event

Garena Free Fire is consistently coming up with many new items and events in its Free Fire game to maintain the excitement and hype among its players. This time, Garena has come up with another exciting new event named free fire Rampage Legion Event. The latest event has started on June 9 and continues to June 15, 2021. As a promotional event, it features plenty of items, such as pets’ skins, character skins, weapons, and many more.

Garena Free Fire Rampage Legion Event

Why Free Fire Rampage Legion Event is Special

A large number of events have already started in the Free Fire game. Particularly, you will have a check-in event, which gives varieties of cosmetic items, like weapon skins and characters within a specific time limit.

Reignite your vigilante spirit through the Rampage Legion! The distinct costume bundles of the bringers and liberi faction make a comeback in this limited time web event.

Event Duration 9 – 15th June

  • Spin the Rampage Legion for a chance to win awesome prizes like the plague phantom bundles, famine lekin bundle, Venom touch bundle, hunger strike Bundle & more. Choose between 1 spin or 5+1 spins each time.
  • Keep spinning to get the grand prize of your choice, GUARANTEED, after 120 spins.

Official Site –

Steps to Participate in the New Rampage Legion Event

Step 1: To start, you have to click on the left side of the calendar icon displayed on your phone’s screen.

Free Fire Rampage Legion Event

Step 2: After this, go to the news tab and select the event Rampage Legion.

Rampage Region Event

Step 3: Free Fire game lovers have to select Go To to visit the interface of the event.

Free Fire Rampage Event

Step 4: Finally, one has to tap on the spin preference. In doing so, players will get a dialog box on the screen. Players also have to confirm their purchases to draw rewards.

Ways to Get Rewards from Free Fire Rampage Legion Event

Players have to spend diamonds for spinning the wheel and for winning rewards. Accordingly:

  • A single spin will cost 20 diamonds. However, you get the freedom to use a set consists of 6 spins to win 100 diamonds.
  • If your luck favors, you can win grand prizes. Alternatively, you have to continue with the spinning of the wheel to reach the mark at 120 spins.
  • Once you hit the mark of 120 spins, you get a reward with a grand prize. Here, you have to spend a minimum of 2,000 diamonds to get 120 spins. In contrast, if you do not have enough diamonds, you may choose to top up by using your real money.

Overall, Free Fire Rampage Legion Event powered by Garena will give you plenty of grand prizes and in turn, an exciting gaming experience.