Top 10 Garena Free Fire Characters with Their Abilities in 2021

In the Garena Free Fire game, players at the beginning can choose a free fire character with which to jump to the island. There are 38 characters which we can choose from. Each of them has a special ability which gives us a minimum advantage against players that they do not have; some abilities are active (the player must activate them), and others are passive (they activate on their own). Each character has the possibility of adding three more character abilities that they have available. That is, you will now equip your favorite character with special abilities.

Each character starts with his skill at the lowest level, there are eight levels, and we can level it up with memory fragments that they give us at the end of each free fire game. It is necessary to use the character’s skills to level up to receive the fragments.

Free Fire Characters

Top 10 Best Free Fire Characters

Top Free Fire Characters RankPricing
Hayato8999 Gold, 499 Diamonds
DJ Alok Character599 Diamonds
Kelly the Swift199 Diamonds, 2000 Coins
Captain599 Diamonds
Jota499 Diamonds
Chrono Character1499 Diamonds
Dasha499 Diamonds
Jai Character499 Diamonds
Luqueta499 Diamonds
Moco4000 Gold Coins

1. Hayato

Hayato Free Fire Character

It’s not every day that we are lucky enough to handle a legendary samurai, and Hayato is! One of those Free Fire characters that do not leave you indifferent. In his 20s, his deep sense of honor will make him give up his life if necessary to protect his biggest secret.

Special Ability

Although it may not seem like a great special ability, Hayato’s Bushido allows him to have higher armor penetration the lower his life. If we can defend ourselves when we are in the last, we will be deadly! Hayato is also the second of the Free Fire characters with reborn abilities. In your case, it decreases the frontal damage for a few seconds, although shooting kills the effects prematurely, so watch out!

Reborn Ability – Reduces frontal damage by a percentage as Hayato has less health. Passive ability.

Shimada Hayato comes from an ancient family of Samurais. He has a deep sense of honor and proudly carries his family’s blood with its traditions and curses. He is willing to do anything to protect his greatest secret and, for this, he uses the Katana, whoever his opponent is.

2. DJ Alok

DJ Alok Free Fire Character

Special ability: Creates a 5-meter aura that increases movement speed by 10% and heals five health points every 5 seconds.

Price: 599 Diamonds

Based on the famous DJ Alok, this free fire character provides great music on the battlefield. He raises the spirits of anyone who is with him, and that translates to high morale. He is a great support character, indispensable for every competitor who seeks to win.
It is probably not a surprise to everyone. Alok’s ability is so powerful that he is still the best free fire character after you added many free fire characters to the game. “Drop the beat” heals everyone in the area for 50 HP while increasing their movement speed over duration – and lasts a whopping 10 seconds. The movement speed bonus is almost triple Kelly’s ability.

3. Kelly the Swift

Kelly the Swift Free Fire Character

This 17-year-old is a true runner. His real name is Shimada Kiriko. He is still in high school and has the honor of being the fastest Free Fire Character. In addition, as we will see below, his best skills reflect this.

Special Ability

His ability, Dash, allows him to sprint faster than normal. It gives us quite an advantage in reaching a certain point on the map earlier or fleeing from danger. Additionally, Kelly is one of two Free Fire characters with reborn abilities. He allows him to do a little more damage to his opponents after a while of running. It does not last long, so the best thing is that you do not stop moving at any time!

Reborn Ability: After a few seconds of running, the first few shots deal slightly more damage. It is a few seconds long – passive ability.

Price: 2000 Coins or 199 Diamonds

Kelly’s real name is Shimada Kiriko. She is a teenager, still a student. She is an elite athlete who does not stop training on the track or in the academy, making her the fastest character in Free Fire.

4. Captain

Captain Free Fire Character

His doctors told him that he would never walk again. But he refused to give up. It would not be the end for him. He went to physical therapy, did his therapy at home, and found a coach to help him keep going. In a year, I was walking; in two, he was playing sports. This experience taught him some things that would stay with him for life.

Special ability: XP (Energy Points) are increased by 50. When activating Jiu-Jitsu Mode, allies within a 6m radius convert XP to Life more quickly. When activating Psychology Mode, K slowly recovers EPs. Active skill.

Price: 599 Diamonds

Based on DJ KSHMR, K is a teacher and expert in martial art Jiu-jitsu. Thanks to his knowledge and talent, anyone around him will benefit from his powerful energy. K is good as a solo, duo, or squad, thanks to an ability to increase the chances of surviving in clashes.

5. Jota

Jota Free Fire Character

Special ability: You recover 25 health points for each elimination with a submachine gun or shotgun. Has a 5-second cooldown – passive ability.

Price: 499 Diamonds

Jota is one of the best experts when it comes to people doing parkour and the stuntman profession. He is a man willing to get his hands dirty for others and to risk his life when the situation calls for it. He is an aggressive free fire character, perfect for those who are in the front line. If you shoot and eliminate first, you will be rewarded with hit points!

6. Chrono

Chrono Free Fire Character

Special ability: Chrono creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemy shots for a few seconds. It also increases Chrono’s movement speed while on the field. Active skill.

How to get it: buying Chrono Boxes for 30 Diamonds. The probability of getting Chrono as a reward is low.

Based on Cristiano Ronaldo, Chrono has the soul of a warrior and always fights to help the most disadvantaged. It comes from a parallel universe in which technology has advanced much more.

Thanks to this, Chrono uses very powerful devices that provide a very useful protective layer for both him and his teammates. Chrono is very useful as a supporting character or for ambushing enemies without fear of retaliation.

7. Dasha

Dasha Free Fire Character

With Chrono’s permission, she is the last of the Free Fire characters to arrive at the battle royal. She is 25 years old, and although she had quite a few problems in her youth, she decided to fight to leave them all behind. And by the way, he decided to do it while having fun!

The best thing about the Free Fire characters’ abilities is that they have no matter how many they are in Dasha’s case. Partying On special ability allows her to reduce both the damage suffered from falls and the recovery time.

Special ability: Reduces damage taken from falls and fall cooldown by a percentage. It also reduces accumulated recoil and maximum weapon recoil by a percentage – passive ability.

Price: 499 Diamonds

Dasha is a rebellious and funny girl in equal measure, someone capable of revolutionizing the whole world with just her way of being. Thanks to all this, Dasha is a perfect and best free fire character to move more freely around the stage and handle the weapons with greater recoil more easily. You will have better control!

8. Jai

Jai Free Fire Character

This 30-year-old SWAT commander is a man of law and justice. The leitmotif of his life is to protect the weak, and that is what he dedicates his Free Fire character abilities to.

Special Ability

With Raging Reload, Jai automatically reloads a small percentage of bullets into his weapon whenever he takes out an opponent, giving us some advantage. Of course, this ability only works with weapons that use AR, pistols, SMG, or SG ammunition. After knocking down an opponent, Jai automatically reloads a small percentage of bullets in the magazine. It only works with weapons that use the pistol, shotgun, AR, or SMG ammunition.

Price: 599 Diamonds

Jai is a man who always believes in injustice. Influenced by his father’s life, he seeks a way to make the criminals who harm numerous innocents pay. Jai works well in Squad mode, as he can spend more time shooting without reloading. Mind you, make sure you take down enemies!

9. Luqueta

Luqueta Free Fire Character

Special ability: With each elimination, Luqueta slightly increases her total health to a maximum of 35. Passive ability.

Price: 499 Diamonds

Who said soccer pro couldn’t survive in Free Fire battles? Luqueta arrives to prove otherwise! This soccer star is as skilled with the ball as he is with weapons. His special ability invites us to be an aggressive player, like a striker who scores goals without stopping. If you like to trade shots constantly, Luqueta is a good free fire character.

10. Moco

Moco Free Fire Character

This exceptional 20-year-old hacker is a true legend of the cyber world. It is extremely intelligent, allowing you to access the information you need and disappear like a ghost.

Special ability: For a few seconds, allow your teammates to see where the enemies you have shot are – passive ability.

Price: 899 Diamonds or 8000 Coins

Moco is one of the best hackers, known as a legend on the internet. She is skillful, very intelligent, and can extract information from anywhere without leaving a trace. A whole ghost of the networks!

That’s all about the Top 10 Free Fire Characters with Their stunning abilities. If you like playing with other teammates, this character helps a lot in ambushing enemies, thanks to the tag or identification of enemies with his ability.