Epic Games Discord Nitro Free Offers – How to Redeem Discord Nitro

Epic Games Discord Nitro

This time, Discord has collaborated with Epic Games. To celebrate the launch, Epic Games lovers will get special offers related to Discord Nitro for 3 months. However, before we should discuss the specialties and eligibility criteria associated with the offer, you must get an overview of Discord Nitro.

Epic Games Discord Nitro

Special Offers by Discord Nitro

Epic Games Discord Nitro has a prime role to enhance your experience with Discord video, voice, and text chat based on its exclusive perks. You will find plenty of Nitro offers for 3 months period, which includes the following:

  • A custom tag and animated avatars
  • 2 different server boosts and 30 percent off additional boosts
  • Scope to collect and create emojis of your choice
  • 100MB or even high uploads
  • Profile badges, which may rep your gaming support
  • Discord Nitro will offer Go Live streaming, screen share, and Hi-res video

Claiming of Discord Nitro is Easy

If you want to claim Epic Games Discord Nitro free offers, you have to head on to the app of Epic Game store between June 10 and June 24, 2021. In doing so, you get a banner to start redeeming Nitro. Later you get a link to start redeeming Nitro offers from a link shared to your email id.

Redemption of Discord Nitro

After you get the link of Discord Nitro in your email, you have to redeem the respective gift officially on your account created with Discord. Alternatively, you may share the Nitro gift with any of your friends.

Eligible Criteria to Get Discord Nitro

Epic Games Discord Nitro Free offer is available only for first-time subscribers of Discord Nitro. Moreover, you can get the promo only where Epic Games store and Discord Nitro store both remain available.

How to Redeem Discord Nitro for Free on Epic Games Store

If you meet the aforementioned eligibility criteria and prepare to redeem the respective Nitro subscription on your Discord account, you have to follow the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Promotional Link

Start by clicking on the respective promotional link directly of epic games discord nitro. Alternatively, you may copy and paste the link in the browser window of your choice.

Epic Games Store Discord Nitro

Step 2: Completing your Login or Registration

How to Redeem Discord Nitro on Epic Games

You have to log in or register into Discord. Accordingly, if you already have a specific Discord account, you may log in to it by using your email id and password or by using a QR code. In contrast, new users can register their new Discord accounts directly.

Step 3: Account Confirmation and Making Payment

Epic Games Discord Nitro Free

  • After you logged in to the Discord account, you get a notification message, which will ask you to confirm that you accept the latest Nitro gift or subscription on your right Discord account.
  • If your account does not contain payment-related details, you have to fill it properly. You must remember that neither Discord nor Epic Games Discord Nitro will charge you anything until your free trial ends and you renew your subscription.
  • After filling in the relevant details, you have to click on the button that displays Accept Gift to redeem the promotion.

Step 4: Activate your Subscription

Claim Free Discord Nitro

Once you accept the promo to your Discord account, the link will redirect you automatically to your chosen Nitro subscription tab present in the User Settings. Here, you get details related to newly activated subscriptions on Nitro on your existing account.

Sharing of Nitro Promotion Link with Your Friends

If you cannot redeem the latest Nitro subscription by using your Discord account, you can share the respective link with your friend and let him/her use it instead. For this, you only have to copy and paste the link directly and share it with your friends how to claim Epic Games Discord Nitro for free.