Call of Duty Mobile Warzone Season 4: All New Maps, Weapons & Vehicles

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 is scheduled to go live on June 17, 2021. However, its trailer has been released recently and shared tons of interesting details. According to the latest COD Warzone cinematic video, the new season will have a new gaming map, weapons, operators, and vehicles. Each of the latest features will allow players to explore the story according to their choice.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4

Map of the Warzone Game

Based on the call of duty mobile gaming trailer itself, it is clear that players have to pass through a desert biome to hint at a change in the existing gaming map for Warzone. Prime features are:

  • Hijacked and Black Ops 2 map have made their appearances in the Warzone Season 4 trailer. These two aspects will bring tons of excitement among the fans because of the return of their favorite map.
  • After this, Gulag has its updated look, which equally becomes the main focus and attraction for Season 4 players.
  • The new season will also add crashed satellites to its map in different locations, such as the bridge above the canal and in the Farmland.
  • The trailer Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 also includes a time-bound event to include the mentioned additions and a new area for Warzone.

Updated Weapon for Warzone Season 4

The launch of COD Warzone Season 4 will bring three new weapons to make the pool deep based on various load-out options. The cinematic video highlights the Cetme Rifle, the Kiparis SMG, and the Ameli LMG, which players can select to dominate their game with diverse firepower styles. Details of the gaming weapons include:

COD Warzone Season 4

  • The Ameli LMG will resemble the famous MG42. It hints at the lethality and high power.
  • The Kiparis SMG and the Cetme Rifle possess similarities in terms of appearance with a G3 Rifle.

Each of the aforementioned guns provides multiple options associated with attachments, because of which they have become viable in their respective situations and operational ranges.

Along with the guns or weapons mentioned here, you will get a revamped version of the popular Desert Eagle as holding a nail gun with the help of an operative. However, whether players get an opportunity to equip the nail gun in their load-outs is still ambiguous, as game developers will reveal about it close to the release of the Warzone Season 4.

Addition of 8 New Vehicles for this Season

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4

Warzone Season 4 will have eight new vehicles, which include the following:

  • Enter Police Car
  • Enter Big Bird
  • Enter Box Truck
  • Enter Pickup Truck
  • Enter Personnel Transport
  • Enter Van
  • Light FAV and
  • Drive Medical Transport

Each of the vehicles will have either drive or enter option as part of their codes. Here, the codes will allow players to access any vehicle of their choice and drive them easily.

Overall, Warzone has always remained a popular Battle Royale Games based on its consistent rotation of intricate features available with Activision and Call of Duty offers. The game always brings new additions in each season but the addition for Season 4 will bring far more excitement among Battle Royale game lovers.