Call Of Duty Redeem: How to Redeem Code in COD Redemption Center

Call of Duty Redeem Mobile consists of a bunch of gun skins, outfits, characters, and other in-game items. Players get a chance to unlock each of the items by leveling up or completing various gaming challenges and missions.

Alternatively, one has to spend CP while playing the game to win items. On the other side, if you want to win in-game items free, you have to use certain call of duty redeem codes available at the redemption center of Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of duty Redeem

Call of Duty Redeem Codes

Call of Duty Redeem Codes for Mobile consists of 10 character codes formed by the combination of numbers and letters. A redeem code will give you a free reward in the form of an in-game item. For this, you have to visit the redemption page of COD Mobile and unlock your rewards.

Call of Duty is a very popular mobile shooter game developed by TiMi Studios. Playing Call of Duty you will get the real experience of a actionable battle royale games like – pubg mobile or garena free fire. A lot of paid items are also available in the Call of Duty game, which have to be paid to get them. But the question is, can we get all those legend items for free? My answer would be yes, but not all items. We can take those cod mobile accessories for which valid redeem code is available.

Active Call Of Duty Redeem Codes for Mobile

All codes have been updated recently, remember, redeem codes are not active for long time. You have to claim them as soon as possible and get the free items & accessories.

  • BLMLZCZH66 – Redeem Code for MINOTAUR Skin 7D
  • BJMMZCZAQS – Redeem Code for  AK-47 Trial and Error
  • BJMGZCRGT – Redeem Code for AK117 Color Burst
  • BJUNZBZBUA – Redeem Code for J358 Aurora Borealis
  • BJRLZBZDV8 – Redeem this Promo Code for Close Call Emote
  • BJUMZBZEWE – Redeem Code for Whatever Emote
  • BKHDZBZ7U5 – Coupon Code for BY15 Sight Unseen Skin and 2H Double Weapon XP Card (Global)
  • BLILZCZ5UE – Coupon Code for Sharp Edges Crate
  • BIVJZBZSUQ – Redeem Code for Don’t Shoot Emote
  • BLFUZBZTXS – COD Code for Celebrate Crate
  • BKGUZCZ7G8 – Redeem code for M4 Head Trauma
  • BKGUZCZ7G8 – Redeem code for DLQ33 Black Lime Skin
  • BJUOZBZCCP – Promo Code for for RUS-79U Insulated Skin

Note – Update is Required to Redeem your Codes, Otherwise you’ll lose your reward.

How to Redeem Call of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes

Step 1: To start, you have to open the Call of Duty Mobile game on your phone and visit its profile section present at the top left corner of your device’s main screen.

Step 2: Next, you have to visit the player profile to copy the respective UID and close your game.

Step 3: After this, you have to visit the mobile redemption center of the Call of Duty game.

COD Redemption Center

Call of Duty Redeem Code

Step 4: You have to enter the same UID, which you have copied from your existing game, and call of duty redeem your code in the boxes highlighted there.

Step 5: You must enter the captcha code to verify that you are human and click on Submit button.

Step 6: Now, you have to open the game of Call of Duty Mobile again and check the in-game mailbox for collecting your reward.

Working COD Mobile Redeem Codes Today

  • BIFBZBZSC9 – Redeem Code for Distraction Crate from S6 and Nomad Skin
  • FTRHJAMPG – Redeem Code for Epic Blueprint, AK 47 Barricade (Global)
  • BGMTZBZ4BV – SMRS – Dark Light, Backpack1 – Party Area and x1 Epic Weapon XP Card (Global)
  • BGMVZBZCU8 – QQ9 Iridescent gloss (Global)
  • BGMRZBZ6SH – Coupon Code for ATV – Coined & Wirey Frame (Global)
  • BGONZBZQPB – X10 Epic Weapon XP Card
  • BGRBZBZG3K – Redeem Code for HG 40 Werewolf crate
  • BGRCZBZBNE – Redeem Code for X5 Epic Weapon XP Card

COD Mobile Redeem Code is a type of giveaway from the end of COD Developers to entice players towards the game by providing them plenty of rewards. An interesting aspect is that if the luck of a player favours, he or she can win 100percent of free rewards by using a redeem code.

Other than the official website, players can get COD Mobile codes on Discord, Reddit, Facebook, and various other social media websites. If this is not enough, COD Mobile game developers publish such codes on special occasions, such as festivals, milestones, and other in-game events.