Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games [Editor’s Choice] 2021

Battle Royale Games

The complete genre of games categorized under Battle Royale has proved to be a boon during the last few years. With the launch of new game title regularly and updates in the existing one, we can say that the games will continue to be in demand among game lovers.

Battle Royale Games is a type of multiplayer video game available online. The game highlights a perfect blend of exploration, survival and scavenging elements in a survival type of game. Here, the last player succeeds to stand becomes the winner. These types of fighting games involve approximately hundreds of players. The players commence the game with minimum possible equipment and should eliminate each other opponent while avoiding to trap outside if any shrinking type of safe area. The winner is the last alive Battle Royale player or team.

Battle Royale Games

List of Best Battle Royale Games 2021

Battle Royale GameAvailabilityRatings
Rocket RoyaleAndroid or iOS4.3 out of 5
Cyber Hunterfor Android, iOS4.0 out of 5
Battlelands RoyaleIOS or Android4.6 out of 5
Call Of Duty MobileAndroid, IOS or PC4.5 out of 5
Bullet LeagueAndroid or iOS4.3 out of 5
Rules of SurvivalAndroid, iOS3.9 out of 5
Creative DestructionPC, Android or iOS4.2 out of 5
PUBG MobilePC, Android or iOS4.5 out of 5
OverdoxAndroid or iOS4.1 out of 5
KnivesoutiOS, Android4.0 out of 5

1. Rocket Royale

Rocket Royale game has a familiar look and has a unique twist in the Battle Royale games gameplay. Accordingly, you have to create own rockets and overcome from the hell of the island before you suffer whack from any other player.

You have to accumulate resources from different areas of the map and need to find a few of the peaceful moments to create your fortress and in turn, keep your fellow players at the bay. However, building of fortress is somewhat challenging, as you have to face 24 enemies lurking across you. Besides, Rocket Royale lets you using varieties of weapons to remove your enemies straight-up from a huge pool of your competitors.

2. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter game has futuristic weapons and many cool graphics to make the entire game play interesting among Battle Royale Games fans. Other than regular shooting with sniper rifles and machine guns, Cyber Hunter includes an additional enticing combat element referred as park our. Accordingly, you may use your gaming characters to roll and jump across, climb buildings and almost everything of your choice.

Cyber Hunter is the perfect game for everyone wants to get a dashing Assassin’s Creed in his/her existing Battle Royale gaming experience. If this is not enough, Cyber Hunter lets you to utilize energy from various quantum cubes, which you may easily find across the gaming map for creating powerful devices and related structures to obtain the W.

3. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a third-person type of Battle Royale games and it allows about 32players participating in a single match. The game has various character upgrades and allows a quite fast gameplay.

The uniqueness of Battleland Royale game is that it has completely different characters from its competitor games. On an average, a Battleland Royale match lasts for about 3minutes to 5minutes and the game lags somewhat even you have a strong internet connection. In contrast, the game is recommendable for all users, who have low-end devices, as it requires very low space as compared to any other genre game.

4. Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile received the award of excellent Battle Royale games of 2019. It has tons of interesting features including the powerful graphics, high-pace action and multiple game modes. The game is available in mobile version and has many characters belonging to different versions of various iconic titles. These include Captain Price, Soap MacTravish, Simon Ghost Riley and many more.

An interesting aspect of Call of Duty is that it gives endless opportunities by allowing its players to run on with a vehicle, blow enemies from a distance of half mile by using a snipe or grenade. The game regularly gets latest updates with the addition of new elements, characters, weapons and maps. Game developers also develop new events regularly in the game. Especially, the game has its major events launched during the New Year and Halloween.

5. Bullet League

Bullet League includes a Battle Royale Games platformer, where a 2D shooter may pit you in nostalgic environment against your competitor players. Here, the 2D setting indicates that the game will operate without any hitch on a smartphone. The game has creative artwork and gives you a casual feel when you jump across different shooting machine guns at the cartoon rivals. With the mentioned features, developers have provided us tons of refreshments in the genre of Battle Royale.

6. Rules of Survival

With approximately 50millions of downloads available on Google Play Store, Rules of Survival game is an ultimate clone of PUBG. As a heavy game, it needs an approximate space of 2.7GB combined with a high performing game processor to operate it smoothly.

If we talk about the Battle Royale Games mode of this game, it allows 120 different players to be the part of the game and compete against one another. Rules of Survival provide varieties of stuffs to its users, which include amazing vehicles, in-game weapons and many more. The best aspect of the game is that it provides various options related to team up in the pattern of cross-platform.

7. Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is another addition as a stunning Battle Royal Games. It features a flying vehicle, from where you may jump, an island that has destructible buildings and many constructing ramps as well as barriers. As the game has whacky weapons with diverse on-board rarities, it has a dedicated FPS mode. You may move ahead solo or by forming a team with your fellow players. The game undergoes regular updates with new events and contents to develop the interest of its players.

8. PUBG Mobile

PUBG is the acronym for Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. It is a popular Battle Royale mobile games available on Android phones. PUBG mobile has become famous for its innovative mode of Battle Royale. According to the mode, 100people may play at one time and the last player as survivor will be the winner. The game developers regularly add new characters, accessories and features to make PUBG mobile to stand out from a big crowd.

9. Overdox

Overdox is another popular Battle Royale games, where you control your game character even though when no shooting goes on. Here, gaming characters fight by using melee weapons in various arenas, which have gladiator style and they shrink with time. Along with your selected weapons, you have two different skill slots with abilities, which you may feel to defeat your other competitors. Along with survival, you have to collect coins in each round or you cannot enter the final area even when you stay alive while the area unlocks. PUBG has a pull of character customizations and upgrades, which you may get by paying certain amounts.

10. Knives Out

Last in the list is the Knives Out, which is a famous Battle Royale games and it has approximately 10millions of downloads on Google Play Store. The game is almost similar to any other Battle Royale game but the players’ encounters show violent graphics.

About 100 of players may become the part of battle royale mode and five players may get an opportunity to participate in groups. Knives Out game has many brand new seasons, advanced weapons and maps with each of its update. Excluding the battle royale mode  game lovers may go with team fight, sniper battle and 50 Vs 50 mode in the Knives Out game.

That’s all About the Top 10 Battle Royale Games with Highest ratings in 2021.

Depending on your likings and preferences, you may choose to play any of the Battle Royale games mentioned here. The best thing is that each of the games has undergone different tests to become the right choices available on Android devices and the Google Play Store.