Battlegrounds Mobile India has Hit 20+ Million Pre-Registration on Google Play

Krafton has always remained uptight while sharing the latest updates related to the popular PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India game even before its rebranding in the country. Currently, the pre-registration of the game has already started on Google Play Store. Because of this, fans are consistently getting excited with each of the official teasers.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 20 Million

As per the latest update, pre-registration of the latest avatar of PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India has reached the milestone with 20 million registered gamers. On the other side, Battleground Mobile India owner named Krafton shared a press release on its official website to celebrate the drastic response from the gaming community of PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Krafton Thanks to Indian Gaming Community

Accordingly, the video game developer named Krafton thanked the gaming enthusiasts of India for their sublime response to the popular PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile India based on opening its pre-registration in different regions of India. The statistics showed that the pre-registration of the latest Battleground Mobile India went live on Google Play Store on May 18, 2021, among the fans of India. This time, it obtained approximately 7.6 million pre-registrations on an opening day and crossed about 20 million pre-registrations in only two weeks.

PUBG Mobile India on google Play

While expressing his views on the aforementioned milestone achieved via Indian fans, the CEO of Krafton named CH Kim commented, “We want to express our gratitude to the game lovers of India for their exclusive response to the PUBG Battleground IP. As our IP obtained acclaim and love from players belonging to different parts of the world, we at Krafton will continue to strive hard to create our IP. Our efforts will include coming up with amazing content to Battlegrounds Mobile India and offering incomparable experience to the game lovers.”